Hints for moving house

Be Prepared for your move and save money

The better packed you are, the more efficient the move will be.

There are many things that you can do to help make your moving day run more smoothly and simply, as well as being more economical for yourself in time and money:


  • Book your move as soon as you have a ‘moving date,’ don’t leave it until the last minute


  • Box up smaller items
  • Label all boxes for room allocation and mark fragile if required
  • All boxes should be uniform in size e.g. book boxes, T-chests, portarobes (which we can arrange for your clothing). By doing this the boxes take up less space on the truck, making more room for your furniture
  • Don’t pack boxes too heavy, think of what is placed inside the box; don’t fill a T-chest with books. Half fill it then place manchester on top
  • Use book size boxes for books and crockery, T-chests for other goods
  • Wrap pots in plastic bags to avoid water getting in the van
  • Take small manageable items in your car
  • Wrap mirrors, glass and paintings with bubble wrap or cardboard
  • Make sure you wrap up anything fragile or delicate
  • Use packing tape to seal boxes and when unpacking, don’t tear off the tape – cut it – as tearing damages the boxes
  • Write room/contents on the packing tape, not on the boxes
  • If you have your original electronic equipment boxes these are ideal for packing
  • Flat screen TV’s are wrapped in blankets and secured on the truck
  • Close the tops of boxes. No open lids
  • Packaging can be purchased


  • If appropriate disassemble bed bases, tables and desks
  • Empty or securely tape drawers
  • Empty the fridge the morning of the move


  • Ensure clear access for the van and men
  • If you in an apartment, book the lift with your building manager (if required)
  • Have payment organised
  • Make us aware of any difficulty we may have regarding parking/access
  • Make us aware of stairs
  • Notify your neighbours of your move so as not to inconvenience anyone
  • If neighbours are forewarned then cars can be moved ahead of time
  • If you live in a high traffic area, reserve space for the truck outside of your home, by parking your cars out front or placing bins on the street