Events, Transfers & Backloading

Got an unusual move, transfer or load? We can help!

Being a small business we can be flexible.

If you have to move or transfer something out of the ordinary, as a one-off or for an event, let us know. We can more than likely help.

Unusual needs give us a challenge, and we like those!

Events and transfers

What do we mean?

Well… we’ve done the pickup and drop off of the election ballot papers for past three Federal Elections in the local area.

We do work for Real Estate Agents who need items transferred between properties, as well as full service moves for their clients that have just sold their property.

Backloading, what is it?

Backloading saves you money. Our definition of backloading is that you only pay for the space that your furniture occupies on a truck in one direction, saving you money. Backloads can be for a journey three hours up the road, or across states.

Backloading is a great idea if you have a small amount of things to move. It can also be a handy way of shipping bulky furniture items if you have someone on the other end to meet the truck. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving a single item or a large house move with truckloads of furniture and effects, we can help.

We can provide an affordable solution with all the security of insurance and the experience to get your items where they need to be safely and quickly.

If you have some items you want included on a backload fill out the quote form or contact us with the details and we’ll get in contact with you about the best possible solution and if we have a possible backload available in the area you need.

Safely, quickly and cost effectively.